Istanbul is living some of the worst moments of the last few years. 
All started with a park, a small piece of greenery downtown, 
but in a place where a mall would have attracted hundreds of tourists and a lot of money. 
A tiny group of students decided to react to the project and 
in a few days they were joined by thousands of people facing a violent reaction from the police. 
We are watching a new revolution spreading throughout the country 
and all of a sudden we all think about Istanbul and to our friends there. 
Ayazpasa Apartment. Interiors by Autoban. Photos © Richard Powers via Yatzer

This post is an ode to a city that has always lived between past and present, 
East and West, splendour and decadence
For once, let's put aside the big architectures that made this town the bridge between so many civilizations 
and let's focus on how interior decoration confirms this attitude. 
Tünel House. Interiors by Autoban

The Autoban design studio is the perfect example of the inner spirit of the city. 
Original tiles and painted brick walls along with marble, gold, mirrors along with contemporary design pieces : 
they all create an unusual mixture to give life to some of the most amazing interiors 
where past and present peacefully coexist.
Tünel House. Interiors by Autoban
 Let's hope Istanbul will soon find the Peace it deserves and 
the riots finally end without any more violence for its people. 
All my thoughts goes to my friends there.
Take care ❤