This is the week of the butterfly (at least for un23ilaria ;-) 
After the post about the Caribbean island in the shape of a butterfly, here we are with our Wednesday rendez-vous
Sit comfortably and enjoy
The Butterfly Chair was designed in 1938 in Buenos Aires
Two years later, during a design exhibition in town, it was noticed by
Edgar Kaufmann jr, Curator of Industrial Design at the MoMA in New York. 
He considered it as an example of "Good Design," because 
it was functional, handsome, lightweight, and relatively inexpensive 
(and eventually bought two of them: one for the Museum and one for his parents' new Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house!)
Also known as Hardoy Chair and BKR, from the name of its three designers 
(Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan and Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy), 
this comfortable chair quickly became hugely popular in the U.S., particularly on the West Coast.
details oriented + uvesauer  + Lucky Strike advertisement in 1955 via paul malon flickriver
Mass-produced in the US by Alvar AAlto through Artek and then by Knoll, 
the ones you can buy today are probably just copies of the original ones. 
But if you want an affordable Design Icon at home, this is certainly one of them: 
perfect in any style of interior and comfortable as a cocoon.
design to inspire + Sophia Loren in Cannes in 1955 via knibb design + my pinterest
And now,
take a good book, 
 sit comfortably 
and have a lovely day 
(wish I could do it ;-)