This week the Design Icon is a special one. 
I am Italian, so this is an icon on its own. 
In an age when Nespresso is considered as the reference for coffee, 
let's go back to good coffee as Italians do it :-)
Blueprints from the London Design Museum + scandinavian dekoremodelista + "L'omino con i baffi", the bialetti mascot
Designed in 1933, the "caffettiera" has been a style icon since the 1950s. 
It is an essential and fashionable part of almost every Italian kitchen.
Many variations of the Moka have been developed, but the Moka Express is a time-honoured classic.
 Its clean classic design with the symmetrical eight-faceted metallic body 
is easily recognizable and it had the same design for over 70 years 
(unusual in a world of constantly changing products). 
 sebastian watersa merry mishap + expensive life
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Last but not least, Alfonso Bialetti is the grandfather of Alberto Alessi, 
the founder of the famous Italian design house (an upcoming Design Icon for sure).

Buon caffé a tutti e buona giornata