You've seen it and you probably wondered who this enigmatic lady was
Her expression and the perfect oval of her face inspired infinite variations to the main theme 
(tiles, plates, pillows, ceramics, wallpaper).

Her name was Lina Cavalieri (1874-1944), an Italian soprano, famous for her grace and beauty. 
And the artist who gave immortality to this almost sad gaze was Piero Fornasetti.
He chose her as his muse. 

Source 1. ; Lina Cavalieri, ca.1900 ; Piero Fornasetti in front of a display of "Tema & Variazioni"

 A Milanese illustrator, sculptor, interior decorator 
and one of most prolific Italian designer and creative talents of the XX century, 
Piero Fornasetti (1913-88) owes most part of his renown to his son, Barnaba
who took over the family business at his father's death, 
started editing the complete catalogue of his father's work and 
raised him amongst the biggest designers of his time.

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If you ever have the chance to go to Milan, don't miss the Fornasetti Store ... 
a unique place where the complete collection of Fornasetti imagery is displayed in ceramics, furniture, wallpapers, textiles,
anything that came out of Piero Fornasetti's mind, 
everything that caught his eyes and developed his creative imagination

"Macchine Volanti", tiles ;  "Nicchie", wallpaper ; "Multiplette", wallpaper frieze