I love cement tiles 
(and I know I am definitely not the only one, since I have been seeing several cement tiles pictures through Pinterest lately).

At the beginning of the XX century, when the fashion for cement tiles had its best clients, 
Barcelona was one of the main cities in Europe to produce and use this stunning flooring for the newly built apartments. 
While these decorative patterns became old-fashioned in the decades that followed, 
in recent years several renovated apartments keep and refurbish the original floorings.
The three different Barcelona apartments pictured here proof that cement tiles can be mixed with 
modern design, custom-made furniture and ultra-contemporary equipment.
Enjoy the tour
Source Deezen
Source SA Decor&Design
Source Minim


  1. Hi Ilaria, I love the pattern on these tiles. They remind me of the Scandic Grand Restaurant. The images you've chosen work well because of the minimal furnishings and walls leaving the floor to be the star of the show. They are stunning. xD

    1. Yes it is true, the tiles are quite the same as the ones at the Scandic ... I've been in love with cement tiles for ages but I didn't know about the Spanish ones ... Love to learn new things all the time :-) xxx

  2. I have those tiles home, there are certain neighborhoods in Barcelona where it is easier to find them. I am lucky because my whole apartment still has those mosaic tiles and they are in perfect shape :-)

    1. I wasn't wrong then ;-) I was in love with those tiles as soon as I saw them. They add so much to the apartment, it could even be all milky-white and it would keep a colourful lovely ambiance! have you ever published pictures of your apartment? I'd love to see the tiles ;-)

  3. The designs above are looking very nice. They have a very different look and are very impressive. I like them a lot. Bedroom is also looking very amazing. I like light colors in the bedroom and it is having a same look. The fireplace in the bedroom is looking very appealing. I have many designs in magazines and other places i used them in construction of my house.

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