The places we heart. Tough subject for the monthly meeting with the fellow Italian bloggers from Design Time. Instagram keeps being my main inspiration source these days when I spend less time on Pinterest or anywhere else on the net. And that's exactly where I found the inspiration for today's post. These pictures resume what I love the most, what I heart, in interiors ... bright white, light wood, natural materials, plants (plants and plants) and that sweet touch that brings us together with the people we love. What are the places "you" heart? The ones you wish you lived in, the ones you could call "home" just by looking at them?

I luoghi del cuore. Un soggetto difficile per questo appuntamento mensile con le colleghe italiane di Design Time. Ormai Instagram è diventata la mia fonte ufficiale di ispirazione, soprattutto da quando non passo più le mie giornate davanti al computer e su pinterest. E proprio su Instagram ho trovato le ispirazioni per l'articolo di oggi. Queste immagini riassumono da sole tutto quello che amo nell'universo d'interni ... il bianco luminoso, il legno chiaro, i tessuti naturali, le piante (ancora e ancora) e quel dolce che ci mette tutti insieme intorno al tavolo con le persone che amiamo. Quali sono i tuoi luoghi del cuore? Quelli in cui vorresti vivere, quelli che chiameresti "casa" al primo sguardo?

Les endroits qu'on adore. Un sacré sujet pour le rdv mensuel avec mes collègues italiennes de Design Time. En ce moment Instagram est ma meilleure source d'inspiration car je passe très peu de temps sur pinterest ou sur internet en général. Et c'est exactement là que j'ai trouvé l'inspiration pour l'article d'aujourd'hui. Ces images résument parfaitement ce que j'aime le plus dans les intérieurs ... le blanc lumineux, le bois clair, les matières naturelles, les plantes (encore te encore) et cette petite touche sucrée qui nous fait tous asseoir autour de la table avec les personnes qu'on aime. Et vous, quels sont les endroits  que vous adorez? Ces lieux dans lesquels vous pourriez vivre, que vous pourriez appeler "chez moi" au premier regard? 

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Design Time is a monthly column of a small group of Italian bloggers to exchange ideas and inspirations around the same theme. Every month a new theme, every month new inspirations. Welcome!

Design Time è una rubrica mensile di un piccolo gruppo di bloggers italiane che si sono date appuntamento per scambiare idee e ispirazioni intorno allo stesso tema. Ogni mese un tema nuovo, ogni mese nuove ispirazioni. Benvenuti! 


Can you imagine, for a moment, to live with less? To slow down and have more time to enjoy doing what you truly love? It sounds tough. Difficult to find the right moment to start and the right way to do it ...

This is a very special post since it introduces a collaboration which is pretty precious to me. It all started in Munich where I met Tiffany Grant-Riley, a talented English Interior Stylist I admired online but never met in person. It was the launch of the interior book we both contributed to. We had the chance to talk and discover our common interest in minimalism and slow livingWe both ran workshops on the topic, and felt suddenly ready to bring this adventure to a different level. And together. A joint collaboration to bring ideas, hints, inspirations to make this soothing lifestyle an achievable experience. And we'll bring our experience and motivation up to Dublin and The Hive Conference next April to talk about it. 

We all read about people decluttering, getting rid of everything or living with almost nothing, but this is not something everyone can afford. We have a Western way of life, we live in a society that inspires us purchases several times a day and most of the times creating needs we don't have. Learning to understand our needs, learning to get rid of what clutters our lives is the first step. But what's next? How to really get to that slow living experience everyone seems to aim?

It took me several years to realize that the decluttering need I regularly had was a symptom of something deeper. I furbished the summer house of our nanny with all the things I gave her! I was a compulsive buyer, I had several crushes a week. But suddenly this "moving in / sorting out" started being a problem. It took time and energy to do it and I wanted to enjoy my time doing something else. The turning point was our move to Southern France and the wish to change the way I lived. I went through all the books, blogs and magazines on the matter,  and I found out I wasn't lonely. In the end, I found my own way to go through the process and it was more in line with my lifestyle than anything else I could read about. 

Being minimal isn't just about decluttering interiors, it is about joining a slower rhythm of life more in line with our true needs. If you have the chance, come to Dublin for our talk and until then follow our Minimal Minute on Instagram and feel free to join.

Instagram Hashtag #aminimalminute‘A Minimal Minute’ is about sharing honest moments of minimalism in our every day lives and we’d really like to extend this series out to you. If you’re on Instagram and you find a moment at home or out and about during your day and you find a quiet, minimal space, piece of design or a moment, tag it with #aminimalminute and we’ll share our favourites on our blogs and pick the most inspiring to feature during our talk at The Hive. Find us: @un23ilaria & @curatedisplay 

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PS Je demande pardon à mes lecteurs francophones pour ne pas avoir fait de texte en français pour cet article.   Compte tenu de la nature de la collaboration et de la destination du colloque que nous allons donner à Dublin, j'ai opté pour un texte uniquement anglais. Je reviendrai aux textes en français dès le prochain post, je vous le promets.


Un magasin d'articles ménagers historique dans le centre ville Florence se transforme en un magnifique concept store. Un fleuriste, un restaurant gastronomique, un bistrot, une salle de concert et, pour garder un lien avec la tradition et son origine, un magasin d'accessoires pour la maison. 
J'aime les murs décrépis et les vieilles briques apparentes qui font un pont entre le lieu historique et le nouveau concept, le mobilier design et la profusion de plantes et fleurs. Une bonne excuse pour organiser un week-end à Florence pour découvrir ce bijou ♡

An iconic housewares' shop in downtown Florence turned into a magnificent concept store. A florist, a gourmet restaurant, a bar, a concert hall and, to keep a link with its past, a design accessories' shop. 
I like the link between the original place, with the decaying walls and the old bricks, and the new concept, with the design furniture and the profusion of plants and flowers. A good excuse to schedule a weekend in Florence to discover this place 

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